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Viking Drinking Horn Without Cap

Viking Drinking Horn Without Cap

Description :

  • A Drinking horn is the horn of a bovid used as a drinking vessel. Drinking horns are known from Classical Antiquity especially the Balkans, and remained in use for ceremonial purposes throughout the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period in some parts of Europe, notably in Germanic Europe, and in the Caucasus. Drinking horns remain an important accessory in the culture of ritual toasting in Georgia in particular, where they are known as khantsi.
  • Drinking vessels made from glass, wood, ceramics or metal styled in the shape of drinking horns are also known from antiquity. The ancient Greek term for a drinking horn was simply keras (plural kerata, “horn”).To be distinguished from the drinking-horn proper is the rhyton (plural rhyta), a drinking-vessel made in the shape of a horn with an outlet at the pointed end.
  • The is Normal Viking Drinking Horn. No handle, No stand Includes. This version is hand made By Indian Craftsmen from Water Buffalo Horn, highly polished, is 100% unique, and sealed and polished for durability. This Version is ready to use, No additional work require.


Material Made From 100% Natural Horn
Style Unique And One Of A Kind Drinking Horn
Color Natural
Size 100 ML, 1000 ML, 1500 ML, 200 ML, 2000 ML, 300 ML, 400 ML, 500 ML, 600 ML, 700 ML, 800 ML, 900 ML
Surface Highly polished to bring out the pattern in the horn
Features Sealed and suitable for cool liquids, Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit picture