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Acrylic Knife Scales

Acrylic Knife Scales

Description : We are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of knife handles scales. This are acrylic scales for making knife handles and are sold by the pair and per piece. Each knife handle material or acrylic knife scale measures as per following sizes.  Acrylic are a type of new knife handle material used for making knife handles, tiles for inlaid furniture, for hidden tang knives, gun grips, for inlaid art. These Polished Acrylic Slabs are 100% Colorful and ready to use. All slabs will have a “Made in India” tag.


Dimensions 76 x 26 x 5 mm
Color Black & Yellow
Size 1-3/16
Packaging As per client requirement
Use In Knife
Material Acrylic

  • Acrylic Black & Yellow Knife Scales RM RH 02

  • Acrylic Candy Orange Knife Scales RM RH 05

  • Acrylic Green & White Knife Scales RM RH 04

  • Acrylic Purple & Clear Knife Scales RM RH 01

  • Acrylic Red & Green Knife Scales RM RH 06

  • Acrylic Turquoise Knife Scales RM RH 03